PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank InDepth Review

The market is full of power banks. Most people get confused while buying a power bank. The main reason is that ton of options available for them across different brands.This site BestPowerBanksIndia is devoted just to clear the confusion out.If you are looking to buy power bank of capacity more than 10,000mAh please make sure you read the PNY BE-740 10400mAh Power Bank Review below to know more about its pros and cons.


So this review is no ordinary review.The reason being I will analyse the PNY BE-740 10400mAh Power Bank at 6 different parameters .I even compare those parameters to 3 other power banks.This will help you exactly understand why you should choose or reject the power bank.

PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank InDepth Review


Before buying any power bank you need to analyse your usage.You should clearly know the sole purpose of you to buy a power bank .Analysis should be done at 3 stages :

What devices do you have?

You need to list out what devices you will use the power bank with.Do you only want your smartphone to be charged or your tablet to be charged.So you don’t end up buying a 4000 mAh power  bank for charging your 6000 mAh powered tablets.Talking about PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank it has enough capacity to handle most smartphones and tablets.So no worries there.

How many full charges do you want?

The second big question is how many times you want your device to charged .For example, you want to charge Samsung Galaxy S6 thrice you clearly need a power bank more than 9000 mAh.You should also keep in mind in most power bank you can use only 75% of total power capacity.So a 13000 mAh power bank is as good as a 10,000 mAh power bank.

Pro Tip

The PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank has enough capacity to charge most smartphones and tablets.It can easily full charge a 3,000 mAh phone two and a half time and a 4,000 mAh Tablet twice.So if you need to charge your device more than once you should definitely check the PNY Power Bank.

2.Power Output

The second thing which is very critical that at what rate the power bank gives its output.Most new power banks give 2.1 Amps power output up to 2.4 Amps.This very important because you don’t want your phone to take ages to charge.Most new smartphones need at least 2.0 Amps Output power rated  charger to be charged.

The PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank is good for all people who are looking to charge one device at a time .Rest people should skip this one.


So now let’s discuss about portability .Portability is also important because at the end of the day you are using a portable charger.The product dimensions measure at 14 x 2.5 x 5.1 cm.The shape of the power bank is a kidney bean shaped section.You won’t  find this shape on any other power bank.

4.Number of Output Ports

Most power banks have 1-3 output ports .The number becomes critical only if you will use a number of devices together .If that’s not a case it should not matter.The PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank has 2 output ports with one almost unusable with the poor output.

Comparing other popular power banks we found that :-


PNY is a fairly old brand who are making products from past 30 years.They are an American Based Company who makes everything from flash drives,solid state drives, memory upgrade modules, portable battery chargers, computer locks etc.

It is a brand that anyone can easily trust.You can hope for good customer service as well as hope for the good performance from PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank.

Official Website:-

.Popularity and Availability

PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank is most popular power pack on with over 5100 reviews.It is rated at 4 stars on also has over 500 reviews on Flipkart.This makes PNY Power Bank a popular option .

It is available on all major e-commerce site including Paytm and Shopclues.The link to Amazon and Flipkart are mentioned below.Make sure to check out.

Final Conclusion

The PNY BE-740 10400 mAh Power Bank is very handy option for anyone who is looking for a power bank with more than 10,000 mAh.The design is also promising and unique.Priced at around 1300 INR it is fairly affordable option .Though there are better options out there.

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