Best Power Banks for iPhone in India 2022

Nowadays, people have started overusing phones for chatting, taking photos, and making videos and are upset with their phones’ short battery life. And poor battery life is a disaster for people who travel a lot or go hiking. This is when a power bank will come in as a lifesaver. They fit in our bag as tiny portable devices that hold enough power to charge your devices many times without having you to go in search of a socket.

Best Power Banks for iPhone

As a rule of thumb says, the right power bank should support fast charging and have enough capacity to charge your device many times. Nowadays, power banks are even equipped with UDB-C type port that adds up as an extra advantage.

Here we have listed some of the best power banks available in the market for your iPhone that fits your budget.


Anker PowerCore 20100 is an outstanding portable power bank that fulfills all your expectations and is also recommended for iPhone users. It is long and slim and has two 2.4amp USB ports. That means you can now charge two devices at a time. It has a massive 20,100mAh battery capacity. It has enough ability to change your power at least 6-7 times before draining. If your device has VoltageBoost and PowerIQ technology, this power bank will charge that device faster than usual.

It also has a USB-C port that delivers 30W charging speed. That being said, you can even use it to charge a laptop that uses a USB-C port. On the other hand, it’s USB-A port delivers 10W power Output. Anker power bank comes with a 30W PD wall charger that will charge your power bank faster. It charges this power bank at its maximum speed. You can even use this PD wall charger to charge your iPhone directly. This gives us another reason to buy this power bank.


  • It has a long-lasting power capacity
  • It comes with USB-A and USB-c port.
  • It comes with a 30W PD wall charger that has a high-speed charging ability.
  • It charges your iPhone faster.


  • It is not lightweight
  • It is not adaptable to all devices


Czar Matrix is a slim pocket-size Power bank that comes with some advanced features. It weighs about 210 grams, which makes it one of the lightest 10,000mAh power banks. It has an incredible battery capacity of 10,000mAh at an affordable price range. With 2.1Amp, it charges in just 5.5 hours, while it takes 9 hours to charge with 1Amp output.

It has a digital display feature and comes with dual output ports charging multiple devices simultaneously. It has LEDs that show battery status. It comes with a slim iPhone cable of 30cm. Czar also comes with a 1-year warranty on power bank for defective parts.


  • It supports all devices
  • It is light in weight and pocket friendly
  • It is portable
  • Its affordable and has a compact design


  • The LED display is mediocre

3) Redmi 20000mAh Li-Polymer Power

Redmi 20000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank, USB Type C and Micro USB Ports, 18W Fast Charging, Low Power Mode, (Black)

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Redmi 20000mAh power bank is one of the fastest charging power banks in the market right now. It has an anti-slip design, which gives a comfy feel and is quite affordable. It comes with dual input ports, i.e., USB-C and USB-A ports for charging multiple devices simultaneously. It supports 18W fast charging and available in different colors now.

It has high-density Li-Polymer batteries with 20,000mAh battery capacity that can charge an iPhone 4.7 times and Redmi note 3.5 times. It makes it one of the durable products in the market. It is efficient and supports almost all devices, including BT speakers, headsets, mobiles, and fitness bands.

This power bank has an advanced level of chip protection that protects the device against any short circuits, over-charge, over-voltage, over-current, etc.


  • Two-way fast charging feature included
  • It doesn’t overheat
  • It has a compact design
  • Value for money product.
  • It charges the device very fastly.


  • It is slightly heavy to carry around

4) Realme 10000mAH Power Bank

Realme 10000mAH Power Bank (Yellow)

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It is one of the latest power banks that were launched in 2022. It has a polycarbonate and has lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 10,000mAh that ensures less capacity loss after several charging cycles. It weighs around 216 grams and is 15mm thick. This power bank supports two-way fast charging. It comes with dual output ports, i.e., USB-C and USB-A. It will charge a 3000mAh battery 2.3 times and a 4000mAh battery 1.8 times.

It is protected by 13 layer circuit protection and takes around 3 and a half hours to charge a device from 0-100%. It has LEDs that indicate the battery level. It is also compatible with USB-PD and Qualcomm, and it charges itself at a fast pace too. Realme offers a 1-year warranty on this product in case of any manufacturing defect.


  • It has an 18W fast-charging feature
  • It has an elegant design
  • It comes with 13 layers of protection that ensures safety when charging fast high speeds.
  • It charges multiple devices simultaneously.


  • No improvement in design


Here is another ultimate power bank by Anker. Anker PowerCore+ 26800 power bank has more power capacity, and it can charge your iPhone 11, iPhone 11pro, and pro max five times. It has a total of 3 ports. Among which USB-C delivers 30W charging speed and other 2 USB-A ports provide 15W charging speed. It also comes with a 30W USB-C wall charger.

It is so powerful that you can charge your iPhone and recharge the power bank simultaneously at its maximum recharging speed. It has 10 LED displays on it that indicate the battery level of the power bank. It charges devices with Qualcomm technology faster than others. Anker gives you 18 months of warranty on this product.


  • It has a very high power capacity.
  • It comes with a PD wall charger.
  • Compatible with all devices
  • It has dual input ports, i.e., USB-C and USB-A.
  • It is made of aluminum.


  • It is quite heavier than low capacity power banks


RAVPower 3-port 26800mAh power bank is a high capacity power bank that keeps your devices charged for hours. It is well-built, robust, fast, powerful, and large in size. It is a perfect power backup you can take with you when going on long trips, beaches, or hiking. It has Lithium-ion batteries that have a capacity of 26800mAh that is enough to charge your iPhone X more than eight times and MacBook pro 1.2times. It also comes with iSmart 2.0 charging technology that charges the devices very fast.

It comes with 3 USB ports of 2.4Amps each. It has the capacity to charge three devices at a time. Although when charging three devices simultaneously, its ports operate at 2.4A, 2.1a, and 1A, which means it takes longer for the other two devices to charge than the first one. It also is protected by 10 layer circuit protection that safeguards your device from overcharge, over-current, sort circuit, reverses connection, surges current and voltage, and high temperature.


  • Offers 3 USB ports
  • It has a High speed charging speed
  • It has a high capacity that makes it last for more than a week


  • It is quite heavier
  • Less compact than regular power banks
  • It takes around 15 hours to charge completely.


Aukey 10000mAh USB type-C is an ultra-slim power bank that is lightweight, robust, and has a portable design. Their USB-C PD will charge your iPhone series faster than ever. It comes with a 10000mAh capacity lithium-ion battery with a type-C port that takes around 30 mins to charge an iPhone from 0 to 50% with USB-c to lighting cable.

It has enough battery capacity to charge iPhone XS 3 times, Samsung galaxy note9 2 times. You can also recharge your Aukey 10000 in under 3 hours with its 18watt USB-C wall charger. It supports QuickCharge 3.0 and fast charges all android and iPhones. It can charge a MacBook at 18watt charging speed.


  • it has a robust build quality
  • Gets recharged In less than 3 hours
  • Supports Quickcharge 3.0
  • It can be charged in 3 different ways- micro USB, lighting, or through USB-C port.


  • Even if they claim its slim, 1-inch thickness is quite high.


Anker power core Select power bank has a good li-polymer battery with a capacity of 10000mAh that aid us during emergencies. It is lightweight and portable. It can be easily kept in pockets or bags. It is effortless to carry around. It can charge a galaxyS10 2.5 times and iPhone XS 2.4 times. Apart from this, the power bank gets recharged in less about 5.5 hours.

It is compatible with all kinds of devices, mostly with iPhone, Samsung, and MI devices. It also supports VoltageBoost, Multiconnect technologies that ensure the fastest possible charge. Anker also gives 18 months warranty on this product in case of a manufacturing defect.


  • Provides superior protection
  • Supports VoltageBoost
  • It is compatible with all devices
  • Extremely compact
  • Slim, textured and has a grippy design.


  • You cannot charge this power bank with a Type-C charger.

9) Pd Power Bank, Crave Plus Pro

Pd Power Bank, Crave Plus PRO Aluminum Portable Charger with 20000mAh - Quick Charge QC3.0 Dual Ports + Power Delivery PD Type C 45W- External Battery Pack for MacBook, iPhone, Samsung and More

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Crave plus pro 20,000 mAh is a premium power bank that has an elegant build quality. Crave plus pro power bank is made of aluminum and has lithium polymer batteries included with a capacity of 20,000mAh. You can charge your device through either of the three ports they provide. It has four white LEDs that indicate the power level. It has a USB-C port that has an incredible charging speed of 45W.

With this power, you can charge your iPhone very fastly. The other two ports of this power bank are USB-A ports. When it comes to larger devices such as USB-C Macbooks, you can expect less full charges as they tend to have better battery capacity. Make sure you don’t use this for a long time, as this tends to get a little warm.


  • It has enough battery capacity to charge your iPhone a couple of times.
  • It is made of aluminum
  • It comes with 3 ports in which 2 are Quick charge ports, and USB-C is a 45W delivery port
  • It is very slim


  • It doesn’t come with a PD wall charger


MaxOak 50000mAh is the power bank with the most battery capacity in this list. It has 50000mAh lithium polymer batteries that have a capacity to charge Samsung galaxy s8plus 14 times and iPhone 6 plus 11 times. Even while charging multiple devices, there will be no loss in power. There are 4 USB ports included in this power bank. Among these, 2 USB ports have a charging speed of 2.1A, and the other two have a charging speed of 10A. You can charge 5 devices at a time with this powerful power bank.

It has 6 tech safety systems that keep your devices safe from any short circuits or overcurrents. It has 4 LEDs to indicate the battery level. It uses DC input to recharge itself. It takes around 6-8 hours to recharge fully. MaxOak gives you 6 options to charge all your devices. The downside of this power bank is that it is less portable and cannot charge Macbooks.


  • It has a massive battery capacity
  • It has a smooth design
  • You will get 6 options to charge your devices.
  • It has a robust build quality.


  • Very heavy and bulky

Buying Guide for Best Power Banks for iPhone

There are bountiful power banks available in the market today. So it will be quite confusing to choose the best one that fits your needs, and if you are not careful, you might end up with low quality or a fake power bank that charges your power bank only 1 time or so while harming your phone. Hence there are some things you should keep in mind before buying power banks.

1- Battery Capacity

Whenever you buy a power bank, the first factor you should consider is its battery capacity. This varies from product to product by the number of cells that the power bank has. The larger the battery capacity, the more times you can charge your mobile/tablet. Always choose the power bank that has at least 2 times more battery capacity than your phone.

It will be enough to charge your phone 2 times. 10,000mAh power is an ideal power bank as you can charge your mobile with a 2070mAh phone at least 5 times during your journey.

2- Type of battery

Another important key factor is its battery type- lithium-ion or lithium polymer. Lithium-ion is economical and common in the market. On the flip side, lithium polymer is expensive and provides twice charge density per unit weight. Lithium polymer is highly advanced and is made of an aluminum-plastic casing that is lightweight and provides excellent capacity.

Lithium-ion is an older generation battery that is cylindrical and still popular due to its low price. Although this thing doesn’t make much difference, it is always advised to buy a power bank with lithium-polymer batteries as they have improved safety and are durable against overcharging or high temperature.

3- Efficiency Rate

You should remember one thing that even an efficiency rate is significant. Generally, 60-70% is an average power bank’s efficiency rate due to its loss of power from the power cable. So if the power bank offers a more efficient rate, then it’s worth buying. Hence, always check the efficiency rate that the manufacturer advertises to extract maximum juice from your power bank.

4- No. of output ports

A power bank usually comes with ports that let you charge multiple devices simultaneously. Hence, most power banks come with 1 output port that delivers 2.1A and additional 2-3 ports at 2.1A and 1A. Although more ports cost you more money and are understood that more ports mean more devices, you can charge at a time.

Hence it is better to look up for devices that you are planning to charge with a power bank in case of emergency. So check how many ports are available before buying the power banks.

5- Design of the power bank

Even though this doesn’t look like an important factor, whatever you buy must give you a good feel and look good. Who wants to buy a power bank that is not portable and looks so ugly. Hence make sure that the power bank you buy fits in your pocket or bag and has a beautiful design that enhances the experience.

6- Current rating

The Ampere rating of the power bank is one of the vital factors to consider when buying the best power bank. In decent power banks, the output port will have only 1A while the best ones have 2.1A. Older phones draw only up to 1A of power while new generation headphone ad mobiles need a 2.1A current input. So it is best to buy a power bank that offers USB ports with 1A and 2.1A.

Today’s advanced power banks have the ability to spot and adjust the ampere based on the device, and these tend to run for a long time.

7- Input current

Input current is another factor that becomes one of the crucial ones when buying a power bank. Low input current means that it would take a long 8-10 hours to recharge itself. Sometimes, you will have power banks with 2.1A input current, but your wall PD charger will only be able to deliver an output of 1A. Hence, in that case, it’s better to buy a new wall charger that is much upgraded and better in quality.

8- Warranty and safety certifications

To protect yourself from getting trapped in fake power banks, it’s important for you to choose one that comes with FCC, ROHS certifications. As these are some credible options, you can avail. These certifications prove that the power banks have gone through the tests that ensure the proper safety against any explosions or short circuits.

We advise you to buy the power bank with overvoltage protection (OVP), overtemperature protection (OTP), which ensures the machine’s longevity against overheating, short circuits, and sudden discharging.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to choose the best power bank?

When buying any power bank, you must check the battery capacity. It should be your primary contemplation. You should also consider how many hours you will be out with how many devices in your backpack to choosing the one that can cover all your device’s power needs. Also, consider the power bank that is light in weight and compatible with all your devices. You should also check the ampere rating and the number of ports that power bank is offering.

To help you choose the best, we have given you a buying guide above that explains a good quality power bank’s features, such as battery capacity, portability, design, and efficiency rating. And other factors that you should look for.

 What is the mAh capacity of a power bank?

Every power bank comes with a mAh (milliampere-hours) label on it. mAh is the measure of the charge that is stored in the power bank. Generally, the bigger the mAh is, the more times it can charge your device before your power bank needs recharging.

Is it safe to charge my iPhone multiple times on power banks?

Yes, as long as you have a better quality power bank with valid certifications. Certified power banks are extremely safe and go through many tests before taking it out public.

Some of the safety certifications that your power banks must have:-

  • Short-circuit protection
  • High temperature shut down certification
  • Input and output over-current protection(OCP)
  • Input and output over-voltage protection(OVP)
  • Electrostatic discharge protection (ESD)
  • It must have a high-quality battery pack.


With new power banks coming into the market every day from various brands, are revolutionizing the market with new features. This review explains all the excellent features of some of the highest quality power banks.

The power banks listed in this post are from the best brands that are reliable and aim to give 100% customer satisfaction. We recommend you go through the buying guide and buy the best power bank that suits all your needs and is convenient for you.

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