ADATA PT100 10000mAh Power Bank Review

ADATA PT100 10000mAH Power Bank (White-Blue) Review

So previously we reviewed two power banks from Lenovo the PB410 and the 13000 mAh one. One being the sleek one and other being the more of the similar kind one. Today we are going to review the ADATA P100 10000mAh Power Bank. To know more about how to choose the best power bank check here. Ambrane P1310 has come out to be the best of the best under our comparison check the review.

ADATA makes many computer accessories including hard disks to pen drives.It is a fairly new company but the company is very promising. Today we have a power bank from    which has a 10,000 mAh of power and comes in two colours white and blue respectively.Let’s find out what if you should buy this power bank or skip it.


This beast from ADATA PT100 is made of all plastic and is very heavy. The weight is almost 286 g which is almost 3 times the weight of your smartphone. The built quality seems rigid and sturdy, which can easily handle small drops.The power bank is very bulky and can’t to handled easily.The power bank comes in two colours one being blue and green. I would recommend the blue colour as I feel it’s the superior of the two.

Ports and Others

On the top, you can find two USB outlets which give 2.1 Amps and 1 Amps power output respectively.The side hosts a micro USB to charge up the power bank.I recommend you to use a high power output charger to charge it up or it will take days to get a full charge.On the front, you have 4 LEDs to tell you how much charge is left in the power bank.On the backside, you get a handy torch light. The lights have four modes rapid, accent, slow, flashlight namely.


Don’t expect to get full 10,000 mAh power out of this device, you get only 70% efficiency out of this one. You can easily get 2 full charges for your 3000 mAh smartphones. The company claims that you can charge 5 iPhones and 1.5 times an Ipad Mini but we don’t think it’s true. The power bank takes about 7 hours to fully charge up and can easily full charge an S3 three times. The flashlight is a little disappointing as like other power banks not being enough  bright.

Extra Features

The company claims multiple protection features including

Safety Mechanism charging

  • OCP – Overcharge Protection
  • SCP – Short Circuit Protection
  • OVP – Over-Voltage Protection

Safety Mechanism Discharging

  • ODP – Over-Discharge Protection
  • OCP – Over-Current Protection

It also said to have an intelligent on/off mechanism meaning you don’t have to press any button to get it to charge it atomically switches on when you connect the cable. Well, this feature is not exclusive and find in most power banks.


Well the ADATA PT100 is a very promising product with a strong form factor. It is priced at 950 INR for the green color and 1120 bucks for the blue. The product is very much recommended for the whose budget is under 1000 INR. Follow the link below to check the product on Amazon. Please comment if you want the review about any other power bank.

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