23 Simple Ways to Save your Phone’s Battery

So ever thought of the moment when your phone is about to die .And you wished if it could stay just a little longer.Today we have for you “23 Simple Ways to save your Phone’s Battery” .So you never be in that situation again.

Most phones and Android one’s in particular face issues of a low screen on time.The majority of the people claim of getting  low battery performance even when their phone is the latest one.

So let’s get right into the Ways to save your phone’s battery.

1.Brightness Level

The screen is one of the major consumers of your’s phone’s battery.One of the major subfactor relating to a screen is brightness .So keep in mind not to keep the brightness on Auto Mode.Well,  Auto Mode is beneficial sometimes but it’s better if you manually adjust the brightness yourself.

This way you save battery which will lead to increase your battery level of your phone.This is one the best and effective ways to save your phone’s battery.

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2.Sleep Time

Screen On Time or Sleep Time is also a crucial factor deciding your phone’s battery.There will be many instances when your phone’s screen is on for few minutes extra.While is quite annoying when you keep your sleep time low , a one minute sleep time is optimum.

For those who are wondering what is sleep time , its idle time after which the screen turns off itself.

You will be interested in reading this – HighOnAndroid SOT (Screen-On-Time) Battery Test

3.LiveDisplay or Night Mode(Apple)

This feature is not available on all Android phones.It has recently introduced on Apple.Basically, what it does that optimizes your screen based on time of day. By fetching ambient conditions it improves readability .This helps to reduce strain on your eye’s.

ios 9.3 night shift mode iphone

You many have seen on many browsers the option of night mode.It is similar to that.Most effective at night.

One of least used ways  to save your phone’s battery.

For those who don’t have this feature inbuilt can use this application for Android – Night Mode

4.Vibration Mode

Many people use Vibration mode on their phone.Their nothing wrong in that but it should be prevented when possible.As the vibration mode takes up a major portion of your phone’s battery it should be used at the right time.The battery consumed is significantly when your phone otherwise would be in a ring.

Here’s is a great article which can interest you – What percent of a cell phone’s battery life is used up by vibration?

5.Phone Background

Yes, you heard me correct.No, I am not joking .According to a study, it’s have proven that using a dark colored background leads to 21% higher battery life.This is one the least known way to increase your phone’s battery.

According to an Article posted by Buisness Insider –

Super AMOLED screens (like the one on the Galaxy S5) don’t use a backlight. Instead, each “organic light emitting diode” pixel on the screen produces its own light. When the pixel is white, the phone produces bright light; when it’s black, it produces less light and thus uses less energy. BBC science presenter Steve Mould experimented and found battery savings of as much as 21% by changing to a dark wallpaper.

Source – Business Insider India 

So all you live wallpaper lovers change your phone’s background and stop crying about low battery 😀 .


Well, you can’t change your temperature surrounding just to save a bit of your phone’s battery.But you should be aware that temperature is also a factor to reduce your phone’s battery.


Like humans are sensitive to heat , same is the case with your phone.Making your phone too hot or cold can lead to massive battery drain .

So next time when you go to a place which is too hot or cold switch off your phone  .This will help you save a lot of battery.

7.Free Apps(Ad Version)

No don’t get me wrong I am not talking about all the free apps .Just the apps which have Ad-Free Version of them .If you have few bucks to spent on Ad free version of your favourite app, do it right away.

Not only the Ads are annoying but consume a lot of battery .It also uses up a lot of your data.

So if can afford to buy Apps please invest in Ad free version of  apps you use often.

8.Battery Saving Mode

If your phone comes with battery saving mode use it when needed.One of the most powerful is Ultra Power Saving Mode by Samsung . Samsung Galaxy S5’s Ultra Power Saving Mode limits the number of apps you’re able to use, allowing just six to appear on your home screen.

Sony also has its own version of battery saving mode which they call the STAMINA MODE.Using this many of the things I mentioned in the post will automatically activate.


According to a study, it is claimed that Wifi takes up less battery compared to Mobile Data.So using WiFi where available is a very effective way to save your phone’s battery.


Well, using WiFi is good but it is useless to keep it on all the time .This is because it will search all the time for Open Wifi Networks.If you go more into WiFi settings you will get an option to enable/disable searching of Open Networks.

Android Pit talks about Wifi Drain issue in their article on – Android Marshmallow problems and how to fix them

10.Mobile Data

We already discussed that Mobile Data takes up more battery compared to Wifi.But one can’t use WiFi always mainly while travelling.

Mobile Data should not be  kept on always.People can use 3G/2G over 4G where necessary to reduce battery consumption.

11.Mobile Network

Mainly while traveling there might be instances that you aren’t registered to a Network Provider.In theses cases, it is better to put your phone on Airplane Mode.

The reason is simple .The phone will always search for available networks and try to register.This will lead to an increased battery drain.

This is a very effective ways to save your phone’s battery while travelling.

12.Background Apps

Background Apps are the major culprits behind eating up your battery.As you install lots of apps you forget to track the amount of apps running background.These apps not only eats up your battery though you see no minimized app but your precious mobile data.

greenify-app-battery save

Don’t worry you can solve this issue.Greenify comes to your rescue made solely for this purpose.You can download Greenify Application free of cost from the Google Play Store .

Link to Download Greenify

13.Cleaning temporary Files

Like Humans, it’s  important for your phone to clean its temp files.Not only it frees up your storage but makes your phone fast.It improves your phone’s performance  thus increasing your battery life.

There are many apps which do this job but my pick is “DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge”.You can download it for free from the App Store.


Note:-Do not keep DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge app always running  in the background.It can eat more battery than saving for your phone.

Link to Download DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge

14.Removing Unused Application

There is no use of keeping apps that you don’t open frequently.You might think will come handy someday.But that time never comes.Getting rid of this application will not only save you battery but will free up your storage.

This Article by GottaBeMobile will come handy for you- How to Uninstall or Hide Unused Android Apps

15.Updating your Apps

Updating your applications really helps in improving your battery life.Many bug fixes which come with updated with apps will not only improve the application but the overall performance of your phone.

So update all your apps whenever you are  connected to a Free Wifi :D.You can skip on  updating Games, though.

16.Disabling Notification

Not all notifications are useful.You can fix the annoying notification which you get.Just go on to the setting of the particular app and turn off the notification.Some apps even vibrate as long as 3 seconds to forcibly notify you.

Don’t worry you won’t miss a million dollar deal :D.

17.Updating your Phone

It is as important to update your phone as you do for your applications.With every new version of Android your phone gets better .Google and your Manufacturer constantly trying to improve your battery level.

The new doze mode in the new Marshmallow update helps you save battery while your phone is on standby.


Google Explains Doze as

If a user leaves a device unplugged and stationary for a period of time, with the screen off, the device enters Doze mode. In Doze mode, the system attempts to conserve battery by restricting apps’ access to network and CPU-intensive services. It also prevents apps from accessing the network and defers their jobs, syncs, and standard alarms.

Source – Google Developer


GPS is also a major battery eater.It is not intelligent to keep your phone’s GPS always on.Though google has implemented a Low Battery use it’s better to keep it off.

So next time after using Maps or booking a Uber keep your phone Location of.

AndroidPit has a very interesting article on this issue-Google Play Services battery drain: how to fix it

19.Smart Features

Turn off smart features like air gestures and smart scrolling, especially if you have a Samsung. Unless you really use these features every day, they’re just using battery power for no reason.

These features constantly use various sensors to get work done.It’s is good to use once in a while but not sensible to keep it always on.

20.Use lock screen notifications

Lock screen notifications can also help save you battery life, especially if your phone has an AMOLED screen. This is because you can see your notifications at a glance without having to turn your  screen on. This is especially useful if you get lots of notifications that don’t want to act on immediately. Lock screen notifications come standard on Android Lollipop.

You can use a 3rd Party Application named as – DynamicNotifications

21.Using Original Batteries

Using Original Batteries is  essential in order to get a good battery life.Saving a few bucks can cost you a lot.Not only original batteries improve your battery but your lovely smartphone as well.


So next time when you go to a store to purchase a battery make sure that it is not duplicate.Check twice if its Samsung :D.

22.Battery Calibration

Battery Calibration is also very important to increase your battery life.Calibration occurs by applying a full charge, discharge and charge. This is done in the equipment or with a battery analyzer as part of battery maintenance.


So keep calibrating your battery weekly to get the best performance.

For more information on battery calibration read – How to Calibrate a “Smart” Battery

23.UnderClocking your device

So if you are the person who always plays with your device.If Jailbreaking and Rooting are your things then try underclocking your android device.

Techbeasts says –

Underclocking is greatly effective as the battery life of your Android device is directly linked with the user of your device’s CPU, so in case you are not an Android freak and you don’t disturb your device much with gaming and other such processes, you can underclock your Android device to improve it’s battery life.

Read full article here – What is Android CPU Underclocking/Overclocking and How to Attain it 

Bonus Tip – Buy a Power Bank

Yes buy a power bank and it will save most of your problems.It will extend your battery to maybe twice or thrice.This blog is solely dedicated so that you choose the best power bank for yourself.

Visit the Home Page to know more – HomePage

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Hope this article will benefit you and help you increase your battery life.Please feel free to share this article .

Comment below your favourite way and also if you need some help.


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