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Lenovo PA13000 mAh Power bank Review

Lenovo PA13000 mAh  Power bank Review

Last time we reviewed the Lenovo PB140 5000 mAh Power Bank which was one of the best looking and slimmest power bank out there but just a tad expensive.Today we have the Lenovo’s PA13000 mAh alternative in review, so let’s check out why you should buy this one for yourself.


If you are looking to buy a  power bank around 13000 mAh  then you have many alternatives to Lenovo PA13000, a beast from Ambrane as well as from PNY and from Intex as well.So why should we consider this tad expensive Lenovo Power Bank?



If you talk about the looks of Lenovo PA13000 it has all plastic.It similar to all the other power banks with an all plastic body.The Lenovo Power Bank PA 13000 has been crafted very beautifully with all rounded edges with tapered sides. The body has been coloured pure white with a beautiful Logo of Lenovo over it.It comes only in white colour  so if you are looking for any other colour you will be disappointed.On the top, you will find 4 LED light  to  indicate how much  power is left.On the upper side, there are two 5V output USB outlets to charge your devices.On the side, you find a 5v input for charging this.



The power bank hosts  13000 mAh of battery but as with all power banks, you shouldn’t expect 100% use of the device.You will get around 70% of output with this device. It comes with 2 USB ports both being high output 2.1 Amp Power Output.It charges a 2600mAh HTC Desire phone for at least 4 times once the power bank is fully charged, each time in under 2 hours.Hope you like our Lenovo PA13000 mAh  Power bank Review.

It is recommended that you use high Watt Charger for charging this device otherwise it would take you days to fully charge the unit.Lenovo as a brand has been known for its quality and service and the device will also not disappoint.With over 800 reviews and 3.7 out 5 stars on Amazon, it’s one of the top 5 Power Banks currently your money can buy.

Final Thoughts


The Lenovo P13000 Power Bank is for anyone who is looking for a higher capacity power bank and a good brand.You won’t find 2 high power output on any other Power Bank which is a really plus point for the device.The only downside is that the device is a tad expensive at 1800 on Amazon.


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Lenovo Power Bank PB410 5000mAh Review

Lenovo Power Bank PB410 5000mAh Review

So today we are gonna review the Lenovo Power Bank PB410 a very high rated mid-range power bank available in the market.If you’re looking a power bank for around 5000mAh you can’t go wrong with the Lenovo PB410 5000 mAh.


People often want higher mAh power bank but they need to compromise on portability and also form factor.Why a big company such as Lenovo is selling a 5000 mAh Power Bank at a price where you can get an Ambrane P1310 13000 mAh model.


This beast PB410 from Lenovo is just gorgeous and will make you love it.This guy is very slim, like Avg smartphone.The main reason it has among the top 3 selling power banks on is just because of it slimness and sleekness of this power bank.It has got a steel finish on its surface and black lining all around the sides gives it a very trendy look.4 LED lights indicates you how much charge is left and when you should want to re-fuel it.


The power bank has two output ports one providing high power output for tablets and mobile phones having a larger capacity and one having lower power output.You can’t charge the phone at the same time when it’s charging.


Weighing it around 100 g this guy is packing in the power of 5000 mAh which is more than enough to give any phone a full charge.The power bank is about 90 % efficient unlike others give only 80% of the prescribed capacity.The device comes with an overcharging protection that will protect your gadget from all types of dangers.

The power bank is for anyone looking for a portable and sleek one for keeping in a pocket or any bag.The power bank also feels premium and looks good and elegant.Lenovo Power Bank PB410 5000mAh Silver is priced at Amazon at 1139 INR.

Lenovo Power Bank PB410 5000mAh Silver BUY NOW

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